Automobile workshop consists of Repair and Service section, Car wash, Motor Driving and Two wheeler (Yamaha) Training. The training includes both two wheeler and four wheeler training. For two wheeler training we have a partnership with YAMAHA for imparting one year training. You will discover the most important parts of a vehicle and by assembling them you will learn how these parts work. At the end of the course you will know how to discover standard problems of vehicles and how to resolve them.



The mechanical Workshop consists of various machineries that are required for Turning, Milling, shaping and Grinding. The workshop is well equipped to carry out the above tasks. A machinist may use variety of equipment to manufacture, install, operate, adjust and repair machine tools and other machines in common use.


Welding and Fabrication

This workshop is equipped with various types of Welding machines, cutters and grinders to do all types of welding and fabrication works. We make Grills, windows, Gates, Trusses, Shutters, Sheet metal works such as Almirah, Shelves, Lockers, , showcases etc.


Electrical Workshop

This workshop consists of Electrical Labs meant for the repair and maintenance of electrical Installations. The AC & refrigeration lab consists of Refrigeration and Air-conditioning sytems for learning purpose.