Batch: ITC East 2018-19_B1_Maligaon Centre

IMG-20180806-WA0023“I’m a student of DB Tech – Maligaon Centre. I must say that I’m grateful for taking Automobile course which has opened vast career opportunities to me. I would like to specially thank Sir Ubaeyd Ullah – my course co-coordinator – I cannot even begin to imagine the pressure he takes on in managing classes/events. But He appears to make it look so effortless with his comforting smile. His class is energetic and also gave us personality development knowledge. I would like to thank the institution, Don Bosco Technical School, Maligaon who oversees the functioning to take place like clockwork. I also want to thank all the team of the institution who dedicate their lives in sharing their wonderful management experiences with us. There is no substitute for handwork. I’m glad DB Tech has helped my ignite such values within me”.