With the support of our partners we conduct many concise training courses giving you the    latest know how in the respective fields. In addition we teach each student in English, Computer and Life Skills. Well spaced class rooms and Labs for practical. Two computer labs with 40 computers with internet and WiFi connections. A Well equipped Hostel with 120 beds for boys and 50 beds for girls.

Different Trades

Long Term Computer Training

1.Web Designing & Development(6 Months)

In Web Design & Development you learn how to become a web developer.The web designers help the visitors be able to see the web pages on one platform. Web design is a career where the experts market their great designing creative skills in the web design job.

2.Diploma in Computer Application(DCA).(Duration 1 Year)

Short Term Computer Training

Short Term Computer classes are also offered for anyone who wishes to acquire computer skills. The training is held in morning to evening hours to facilitate for free time usage of the computer lab. The training is held between 9 am and  4 pm on daily basis. The packages tough include basic typing skills. Familiarization with commands

CCA,  DTP and TallyERP9(GST),HTML & CSS & Data Entry Operator.

Two Wheeler Yamaha Training in DBTS
The two wheeler Yamaha Training School started in DBTS in the month of October 2014 and the course is for 10 months and 6 months job training. The course opted for both boys and girls. Don Bosco Yamaha Training School is one of the finest Technical School Sponsored by Yamaha pvt.ltd. (India) for the unemployed youths of our Nation. This School has a target to Create Yamaha Two wheeler  professionals technicians and gives them job in different Yamaha dealers and Service centers. The Yamaha technical course will definitely bring about change in the lives of many unemployed youths of our region.

Automobile Repair

In Automobile Repair you learn to understand how a vehicle is powered and steered. The training include both two wheeler and four wheeler t raining. For two wheeler training we have a partnership with YAMAHA for imparting one year training. You will discover the most important parts of a vehicle and by assembling them you will learn how these parts work. At the end of the course you will know how to discover standard problems of    vehicles and how to resolve them.

Electrician & Wireman

In Electrician & Wireman you will learn the basic concepts of electricity and its applications as well its danger and how to protect yourself. You will use your new understanding in the practical room: You learn how to do house wiring and winding of motors. At the end of the trade you will be able to perform basic works of a Wireman in domestic applications.

Hospitality(Housekeeping,F&B service,Front Office)

Under Hospitality there are various industry like tourism ,aviation,hotel industry etc.We provide knowledge about hotel industry.There are four major department in  hotel industry like House Keeping ,F&B service,F&B production and Front office.

Welding & Fabrication

In Welding & Fabrication you will learn the principles of welding in theory and practice. You will be taught in arc welding and gas welding. At the end of the program you will know how to use different welding machines and how to choose the correct welding position.


Apart from short modular training DBM offers another non – formal technical course of longer duration of 6 months on Machinist (Turing & Fitting). In Machinist trade we  offer students how to operate the industrial machines such as Lathe, Cutter, Slotter, Plainer, Miller Surface grinder etc.

A general machinist is a skilled crafts person who sets up and operates precision metal cutting and grinding machines such as lathes, milling machines, drills, shapers, boring mills and grinders. A machinist may use variety of equipment to manufacture, install, operate, adjust and repair machine tools and other machines in  common use.

Motor Vehicle Driving

Our Motor Driving School is a recognized training centre under DTO Kamrup. During the 45 days training period the trainees will be trained with the vehicles of the school. We offers both theory and practical classes which helps the students to know more about how to do a defensive driving. Our strategies go beyond instructions on basic traffic rules and procedures

This course will take you to the road with proper driving skills on four wheelers. Safe driving is our priority. The course content is  designed by Tata Motors Pvt Ltd. At the end of training a trainee is able to do safe driving on the road with full driving skills & knowledge and with acquaintance of vehicle mechanism.

The theory class stresses on various road symbols safety on the road. In the digital class room relevant video clips are shown to know more about the hazards of driving. A student is to identify the symbols and discuss them in details. It teaches the student a set of driving skills that allows how to defend themselves against possible collisions caused while driving and to act immediately. At the end of training provided the trainees receive a certificate jointly provided by TATA Motors and our institutions.

Spoken English

Speaking English allows you to actually broaden your world, from job opportunities to the ability to relate to people from every country.Education is very important to improve yourself but learning English also improves the quality of life.The training is held in the evening from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm.