Sanjiv Barla

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Sanjiv Barla

Domain: Electrician

Registration Number: 405
Working Organization: G & G enterprise, Vijayanagar


Sanjiv Barla trainee of Batch 6(ITC) with Regd No 405 was from Electrical domain in Don Bosco Technical School, Maligaon, and Guwahati. With his successful completion of 2months training in DB Tech, He was place in G & G enterprise, Vijayanagar, Bangalore with a stipend of Rs. 6500/- with other allowances too. Sanjiv as a boy was very quiet, humble, gently and obedient too. He was a school dropout boy from Baikhungaon, Dhaligaon, Kajalgaon, Chirang, Assam. His parents are 60 plus both in age. He has a sister who is younger to him. He being a serious boy did not want that his parents work in their old age to support him and his sister. He left schooling after class 12th to support his parents. At that time only he heard of Db Tech course at Maligaon Centre offering a training course which is of his choice that is electrical. He immediately enrolls himself and came for the training. As a trainee he was active and smart in all the activities that was part of his training. He was always after Mr. Leo his electrical trainers asking for any practical work to be done whenever they are free. He is very enthusiastic in learning.

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